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About Where's Democracy

In 2010 when Stephen Harper was getting too many uncomfortable questions, he decided to send democracy on an extended vacation. Now, democracy is nowhere to be seen in Canada's Parliament.

But that doesn't mean it left the country. The parliamentary mace has decided to do a tour around the country to see some of the people who still care about it. Maybe it will show up in your town...

This is an art project about the proroguement of parliament in Canada. I had a simple "parliamentary mace" made by a wood turner, which can be split into two pieces. We are sending send one of the halves to someone in at least one location in every province and territory in the country. When it arrives, the person will take it to a recognizable location and take a few pictures of it in the setting , with at least one pic of it semi-hidden in the picture, "Where's Waldo" style.

I figure a children's story format is fitting given the schoolyard antics we see in Parliament these days. At the very least, it will be entertaining.

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About Me

I'm quite passionately interested in what makes a true democratic system work, and why ours here in Canada doesn't seem to be working so well these days. Where's Democracy is a commentary on some aspects of that, and will hopefully serve to at least pose some questions about how it might be better. Oh, and it's also supposed to be fun!