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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Confederation for the Nation

 From Fredericton, it was time for the bottom half of the Mace to visit the place where it all began, the birthplace of Confederation, Charlottetown Prince Edward Island! "Ah, Charlottetown,"thought the Mace, "With its pastoral settings and green fields, warm waters and cottage country. I can't wait to get out and about!"


"Oh, right. Winter."


After a brief look around, the Mace asked its host if they could go somewhere a bit more sheltered. "Perhaps the city center, where we can get an up-close look at the birthplace of the Dominion of Canada..." The mace eyed its host's dog uneasily. "And where there's maybe a fire hydrant around?"


But before they got to the main attraction, they stopped at the monument to workers killed or injured in Canadian Society. A moment of silence was observed to remember those who toil across the country to make it everything that it is. "Can't say I've seen a lot of dangerous conditions where I work," said the Mace, "I'm lucky."


Then it was on to the PEI Legislature, the province's center of democratic debate and reason. "So, are they on vacation here as well?" asked the Mace. "Maybe I can see my Provincial counterpart if it's not busy." "No, sorry," said the guide. "They're actually working here."


"Hey, hey! I know this guy! Sir John A. Prime Minister Numero Uno. The guy who started it all. Did you know he was a Conservative?" "Technically," said the guide, "but it was a very different sort of Conservative Party than we have these days." "He's looking a little cold" said the Mace, "Maybe we should give him a bit of Individual Respect."


So they left Sir John A with a nice warm scarf and the wish that he will rest easy, wherever he may be.


Back into the box, the Mace was ready to head on to the farthest East, where it's always a half hour later, St John's Newfoundland.

But next up, on the Mace's Western tour, we'll stop in on Stephen Harper's office in Calgary!

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