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Sunday, February 14, 2010

To the Top of the Country

Where's Democracy?

Landing safely in the Great White North, the Mace was handed a convenient ski cap and invited to partake in some serious winter gaming activities while also taking in the city.

Where's Democracy?

"It's an open question as to whether you'll actually see any snow in Vancouver, on the next leg of your journey," said the Mace's host, "so I figured in case you couldn't see any winter games down there, you might as well get some in up here. First up is some cross-country skiing."

Where's Democracy?

Not being one to waste time (that's the MPs' job in Parliament, not the Mace's), the first visit was to Yellowknife City Hall. "Yep, looks like democracy is here, all right", mused the Mace. "At least it's working somewhere."

Where's Democracy?

Next was a refreshing ski through old town Yellowknife. "Had I a stomach," stated the Mace, "all of this skiing would make me pretty hungry. I've heard of the famous Wildcat Café. Let's take a gander there and grab some grub!"

Where's Democracy?

Before our intrepid adventurer's guide could say "It's closed in the winter", the mace got to see that fact first hand. "Aw, nuts", said the mace in its wooden way, "What else have you got to warm the cockles of my... um... well, I don't really have any cockles, as I am a Mace after all..."

Where's Democracy?

Before long, they arrived for a nice repast at Bullock's Bistro. "Better food than the Parliamentary café", said the Mace, "and more people here at this place right now. Things are pretty quiet there. In fact, I'd say there's more discussion and democracy going on at this café than at the Commons right now. Good to see that I can put Yellowknife on my list as one of the places in Canada where Democracy is alive and well."

After lunch, the Mace was invited to finish up the day with a little ice fishing.

Where's Democracy?

Followed up by strapping on the skate:

Where's Democracy?

And playing a pick-up game of pond hockey.

Where's Democracy?

The score didn't really matter, as everyone had a great time. "Thanks for the tour. I'll remember to tell the folks back in Ottawa to come on up here if they ever forget how to be hospitable to their neighbours. Not that they ever would." And with that and some final farewells, it was on to the next leg of the journey, to Vancouver, British Columbia.

YK-Vancouver leg

Stay tuned for the bottom half of the mace's journey to Fredericton, New Brunswick, next up!

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  1. Yahoo! Yellowknife cares about democracy and Canada! Thanks to the man/woman (but I think it's a woman) for participating on our behalf.



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